What an absolutely incredible day! 🌞📚 The Pet Show turned out to be an absolute blast, and the perfect ending to our Summer Reading Program!
But you know what? None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support and generosity of our outstanding sponsors! 🙏🎉 Their belief in promoting reading and education made this event to celebrate summer reading an unforgettable experience.
Peoples Bank was able to sponsor Cookies, Tablets and $200 worth of prize books for our reading participants!
Dairy Shoppe, The Grand Theater, Checkerboard Restaurant, McDonald’s & Casey’s were able to supply lots of goodies for all of our participants to take home! With more than 280+ coupons, gift certificates, cookies & more, everyone left with a huge smile on their faces and hearts full of gratitude.
A big shout-out and heartfelt thanks to all our wonderful sponsors! 🌟 Your contributions truly made a difference and helped create a positive impact on our community. We are beyond grateful for your support and are looking forward to future collaborations to continue promoting literacy and the love for pets!