The Webb Shadle Book Group Member Changes over the years:

Member Date Joined
Tria Allen August 2004
Jim Best August 2004
Ruth Best August 2004
Shannon Clark August 2004
Lynne Flagg August 2004
Ruth Gutknecht August 2004
Freda Hoyt * August 2004
Cheryl McCaskey * August 2004
Pam Mohr August 2004
Jeanette Selix August 2004
Karen Zeck March 2005
Kim Slay April 2005
Kathryn Shaw September 2005
Sue Cox February 2006
Crystal Baldwin July 2006
Dorothy Armstrong January 2007
Diane Gordon August 2008
Becky Price July 2010
Violet, mother of Kathryn Shaw July 2010
Peggy Hintermeister February 2011
Jaci Robson (Mrstik) May 2011
Victoria Miller September 2011
Sonia Mieles January 2013
Jackie Schmitt December 2013
Barb Bybee March 12, 2016
Crystal Horstman January 2019
Barb Storm October 2017


Notes from Meetings

September 2004

Members met at 10:00 a.m.. We looked at the Iowa Library Discussion Group Suggestions. We agreed to review Niagara Falls All Over Again for November. The group agreed on the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m..

November 2004


Niagara Falls All Over Again

Group review–fictional story of a Valley Junction, West Des Moines man and his career in Vaudeville. The characters weren’t very likeable, and the similarity to Laurel & Hardy seemed awkward. The descriptions of familiar Des Moines locations was interesting.

December 2004

An outing was planned to Des Moines. Freda, Shannon, Lynne, and Cheryl visited Terrace Hill, Salisbury House, the Butler House (B&B), and another Sherman Hill restored home.

January 2005

Group review of Jeffrey Archer’s Kane & Abel. This story of two Polish men (from birth to adulthood) showed one born into poverty in Poland contrasted with the other born into Boston society. From WWI when (Abel) is imprisoned on the Baron’s estate to WWII when the two men meet on the battlefield without recognizing it, the “war” is on in their personal lives. Although interesting, many found the plot predictable and like a soap opera.