Ready for an adventurous treasure hunt?
📍 Hidden around our library is a special geocache (named Shadle Ball), waiting to be discovered by YOU! There may or may not be booked themed treasures! Here’s how to join in on the fun:
📗Grab your smartphone and download a geocaching app.
📗Use the map to zoom in on the Webb Shadle Public Library to locate the treasure’s exact coordinates.
📗Go to the library and start searching. If you are having trouble, your app should provide a hint. Once you find it, open the container, and explore the goodies inside.
📗Feel free to take a treasure but remember to leave a little something behind for the next explorer. Example: stickers, keychains, small toys, coins.
📗Put the geocache back where you found it, so others can enjoy the hunt too.
📗Don’t forget to log your name on the provided log sheet.
Let the adventure begin! Happy Geocaching!