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February is American Heart month and you’re invited to join us at this month’s Healthy Happy Hour as we share some healthy habits that can lower your risk of having heart disease.
Heart disease continues to be the greatest health threat to Americans and is still the leading cause of death worldwide, according to the AHA’s Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics.
An update, published in the association’s flagship journal Circulation, reports that nearly 18.6 million people across the globe died of cardiovascular disease in 2019, the latest year for which worldwide statistics are calculated. That’s a 17.1% increase over the past decade. And 523.2 million cases of cardiovascular disease were reported in 2019, a 26.6% increase over 2010.
In most cases, heart disease is preventable when people adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, controlling blood sugar and cholesterol, treating high blood pressure, getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week and getting regular checkups.
It’s NEVER too late to make new positive and lasting healthy choices to make sure that you and those you love are NOT part of those statistics.
Let’s get together with others like yourself who are purposefully looking for healthy habits and healthy lifestyle choices that support our goals of living and enjoying a long and healthy life.
πŸ“Œ LOCATION: Webb Shadle Public Library East Conference Room, 301 W Dallas St, Pleasantville, IA 50225
This is an amazing community, and sharing is what we love to do! So come enjoy some tasty food, & leave with great recipes… you might even win a door prize! πŸ˜‰
Invite your friends and let’s gather for a fun and encouraging healthy happy hour!

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