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Join us for an engaging discussion about the impactful contributions of Friends of the Library at Webb Shadle’s Public Library! 📚 Our dynamic group is dedicated to enriching our community through fundraising projects, volunteer support, and advocacy efforts.
As Friends, we serve as strong advocates for the library within our community, ensuring its importance is well-recognized and cherished. Moreover, we provide extra brainpower and helping hands, collaborating on programs and projects to meet our community’s needs for personal, educational, and professional growth.
Our mission centers on nurturing a love for reading and learning among all ages. Let’s come together to discuss how we can further this passion and create a vibrant, intellectually thriving community.
Join us in supporting Webb Shadle’s Public Library as we make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults alike, building a brighter future fueled by the love of reading and lifelong learning.
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